Bosaland Activities

Bosaland produces a range of premium beers with quality, not quantity, as the main aim. Using farm grown ingredients, our beers are sold and marketed under the brand name bbbirra. More.


Agri Innovation is focused on the experimental growing and transformation of  non traditional crops to evaluate their potential. Bosaland has a crop trial and demonstration facility for testing suitability in the local climate. The farm also aims to be a leader in creating innovative food products and building local food security in Sardegna. More.


Bosaland, in collaboration with social services within the commune of  Bosa, gives the opportunity for the local community to gain on-site farm training and work experience. Agri sociale also presents new farm-related business opportunities for the locals including the development of donkey trekking. Through Bosaland’s agri sociale program people can reconnect with the land and create an ongoing experience of growing their own food. More.


Bosaland’s farm school operates on the value of  ‘learning to feed ourselves’. Through Bosaland’s farm school, Carl FitzPatrick, a certified operator of an educational farm, provides educational projects designed to inspire and bring the community closer to agriculture. Currently the farm school is in its embryonic stage, with the aim of creating an international farm school, which will offer the opportunity for volunteers and students to attend short courses throughout the year. More.

About Bosaland

Bosaland is a diverse farm combining traditional crop growing with agri-innovation and farm education. Bosaland is owned and operated by Carl FitzPatrick and Carey Mortimer and is situated in the Commune of Bosa on the west coast of Sardegna, Italy.

P.IVA: IT01365840915

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